February 2017 Book of the Month!

Book of the month Feb 86x300 February 2017 Book of the Month!

Repton: H 1 boxed set of 4 items in slip case, Facsimile Edition.  Published by the Basilisk Press London 1976.


Vol 1.  Plans for Sherringham in Norfolk.  Coloured illustrations and maps.  13″ x 7.5″.

Vol 2.  Antony House in Cornwall.  Coloured illustrations and plans.  Landscape format. 12″ x 9″.

Vol 3.  Reptons Red Books.  Monochrome illustrations.  Landscape format.  12″ x 9″

Vol 4.  Attingham Park (in slip case).  Coloured illustrations and plans.  12″ x 9″

515 sets have been printed of which 500 are for sale.  This is Volume 1 of Set Number 138.

All 4 volumes are housed together in an encompassing slip case with compartments.  All in all a very nice, clean and well presented set.