4 books for October!

October book 1 218x300 4 books for October!

Simon Cox: A New Guide to The Birds of Essex.  290 pages.  Monochrome illustrations.  A nice clean signed copy.  1984.  In dust jacket.  £20.00


October book 2 203x300 4 books for October!

Alastair Mars: British Submarines at War 1939-1945.  256 pages.  Monochrome photographic illustrations and maps without inscription.  1971.  In dust jacket.  £8.00


October book 3 208x300 4 books for October!

Arwen P Mohun: Steam Laundries 1880-1940.  348 pages.  Monochrome illustrations.  Without inscription.  1999.  In dust wrapper.  Hardback.  £10.00


October book 4 200x300 4 books for October!

Allan Wallis: Wheel Estate – The Rise and Decline of Mobile Homes.  Hardback.  283 pages.  Without inscription.  1991.  In dust wrapper.  £10.00

All available from stall 30 at Cornucopia!