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We are the proud owners of this oak top panelled section of a bar from the Langtry Hotel, Newmarket – 1950s with original and later pumps.

The Langtry Hotel Newmarket was the former country residence of one of “Edward the Caresser’s” most famous lovers, Lillie Langtry.

Langtry had just turned 40 and was at the height of her dazzling social superstardom – separated from her husband, feted actress and lover of Edward, Prince of Wales – when she bought an unspectacular farmhouse in the village of Kentford just outside Newmarket.

Lily Langtree Bar1 Museum

The farmhouse had been built only 30 years before, but “The Jersey Lillie” had grand designs for it. She gutted the building and added a huge extension about three times the size of the original house, spent thousands on importing oak panelling from Portugal and marble fireplaces from Italy and had the façade half-timbered in the newly fashionable Arts and Crafts “Jacobethan” style.

She called her new home Regal Lodge in reference to her well-known liaison and, somewhat cheekily, even had the royal crest mounted on the smoking-room chimneybreast so that her lover would feel at home when he came to stay.

Langtry – now Lady de Bathe after her second husband had become a baronet in 1907 – sold Regal Lodge after the First World War and for many years it was a hotel, The Langtry.

Our bar formed part of the 1950’s décor at that time.

The property was divided into two some years ago and forms two private dwellings.




Miss Hart outside Buckingham Palace after being presented with her MBE.


A squirrel fur coat owned by Eva Hart MBE – one of the youngest survivors of The Titanic





victorian dress Museum

A Victorian blue silk taffeta skirt and matching bodice with blue velvet decoration