Stalls (Arcade)

Below is more information about the occupiers of the floor spaces in the Harleston Cornucopia Arcade.

Maureen 1 1 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)    Maureen 2 1 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)

Maureen Huckle – Vintage & Collectables

It all began with the universal truth that tea tastes so much better from a china cup and saucer (something you can confirm for yourself if you pop into the Parlour Tearoom) now Maureen has added a wide range of tableware, china, glass and collectables to the vintage cups and saucers on sale. So if it’s a pretty cup and saucer or an unusual gift you’re looking for you’ll find ideas here.


 Ivan 1 1 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)    Ivan 2 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)

Ivan Philpott – Antiques, Stained Glass and Collectables



Pam 1 1 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)    Pam 2 1 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)

Pam Plews  – Vintage, Collectables & Kitchenalia

Vintage delights for your home and garden. Gorgeous textiles, beautiful china, Kitchenalia, small furniture & rustic.




Jane 1 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)    Jane 2 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)

Jane Williams – Cushion…vintage, upcycling, handcraft and other things.

I have always been interested in second hand, vintage and antique pieces, from furniture to clothing and everything in-between.

“Make do and mend” is often my mantra and I love old things. They all have a ‘story’ to tell and I wonder what they have ‘seen’ in their previous lives.

Retirement, a recent move and down-sizing gave me the chance for this new venture, and it is addictive, up- cycling, bringing something back to life whether polishing, painting, varnishing or just giving the item a good clean.

I don’t specialise in any one area.  It is what is pleasing to my eye and then hopefully yours.”



Maurice 1 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)    Maurice 2 1 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)

Maurice Websdell – Vintage & Collectables



100 2656 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)

Dee Nickerson – Greetings cards from own original paintings




Mick 1 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)    Mick 2 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)    Mick 3 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)

Mick Taylor – Local Books & LPs




Keith 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)    Keith 2 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)

Keith Palmer – Vintage & Collectables




Brian 1 2 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)     Brian 2 2 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)

Brian Burrows – Antiques & Collectables




Colin 30 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)    Colin 4 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)

Colin Sharman – Books inc. 1st editions

Books bought as well as sold.  Please call Colin on 07527 144064.

Wanted to buy:  Quality second hand, antiquarian and out of print books.  Most subjects considered, from single items to small libraries.




Rob 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)    Rob 2 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)

Robert Skinner – Militaria




Shirley 1 2 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)    Shirley 2 2 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)

Shirley Lee – Vintage Toys & Collectables




Sarah 1 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)    Sarah 2 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)

Sarah Reed – Interiors & Collectables




Claire 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)    Claire 2 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)

Claire Bond – Antiques & Collectables



Jo 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)    Jo 2 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)

Kelvin & Jo Page – 50’s/60’s Furniture & Collectables



Rob E 2 1 300x180 Stalls (Arcade)    Rob E 1 1 300x180 Stalls (Arcade)

Robert Elliott – Antiques



Bernice 2 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)    Bernice 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)

Bernice Nash – Vintage & Collectables




Susan 1 2 225x300 Stalls (Arcade)    Susan 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)

Susan Mears – Antiques & Vintage



Sally 1 300x225 Stalls (Arcade)    100 8498 164x300 Stalls (Arcade)

Sally Ronaldson – Clothing, cushions etc made from vintage textiles


%name Stalls (Arcade)    %name Stalls (Arcade)

Michael Bolger – Badger Collectables

An odd assortment of antiques, collectables and curios.