Shops (Arcade)

Below is more information about the occupiers of the shops in the Harleston Cornucopia Arcade.

Paul 20 2 e1575472232128 225x300 Shops (Arcade)   Paul 20 1 1 e1575472207875 225x300 Shops (Arcade)

Gabriel’s Emporium – Upcycling & vintage




Martin 1 300x225 Shops (Arcade)    Martin Silver 225x300 Shops (Arcade)

Killjoy Antiques – Silverware, jewellery & antiques

In the wake of years of experience in the retail jewellery business, an ongoing interest in antique silverware and quality jewellery led to the creation of Killjoy Antiques and Vintage Collectables. Selling quality pieces of silverware and carefully selected new and second-hand jewellery, Killjoy Antiques specialises in fine diamonds, and also offers a bespoke repair & ring-sizing service for customers at very competitive prices. In addition customers will find in our shop a range of unusual furniture and household items to browse at their leisure.



Elaine 2 2 e1536757899444 225x300 Shops (Arcade)   Elaine 1 2 300x225 Shops (Arcade)

Elaine Taylor – ‘Isalotte’ Antiques & Interiors

Specialising in textiles and decorative pieces for a classic, timeless interior with a hint of quirky.



Maureen Maurice 1 1 300x225 Shops (Arcade)    Maureen Maurice 2 1 e1572622851246 225x300 Shops (Arcade)

Maureen Huckle & Maurice Websdell – Vintage & Collectables




Hilary Alice 2 300x225 Shops (Arcade)    Hilary Alice 3 e1551457348902 225x300 Shops (Arcade)    HIlary Alice 1 243x300 Shops (Arcade)

Hilary & Alice – Hand Painted Furniture & Home Accessories

At Hilary & Alice we love handcrafted, individual and unique home, giftware and furniture.

Mixing old with new, giving tired furniture a new lease of life and accessorising our houses to make them homes.

We work on a wide range of large and small real wood furniture which is refreshed, upcycled or repurposed, and can commission projects on an individual basis or on a larger scale. If you are looking to update a single chair or a whole house full of furniture we can deliver style, creativity and most importantly, a unique look which perfectly matches your home. Or you could just pick something we’ve already created

Badger 1 300x213 Shops (Arcade)    Badger 2 247x300 Shops (Arcade)    Badger 3 300x209 Shops (Arcade)

Michael Bolger – Badger Collectables

An odd assortment of antiques, collectables and curios.