Cabinets (Arcade)

Below is more information about the occupiers of the cabinets in the Harleston Cornucopia Arcade.



100 0918 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade)

Mick Taylor – Antiques, Collectables & Jewellery

Dealing in Gentleman’s collectables, objects of interest and affordable silver and gemstone jewellery.


100 1393 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade) 100 1394 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade)

Elaine Taylor – Quality Jewellery

Trading for over 25yrs in quality, antique & second hand jewellery.  A wide range of prices to suit everyone’s purses.




Sue Cab 2 e1479818408981 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)    Sue Cab 1 e1479818388892 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)


Sue Preston – Costume Jewellery & Collectables

Affordable vintage jewellery and collectables. Interesting and unusual items for people who don’t just settle for the ordinary.


Lynn 1 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade)    Lynn 2 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade)

Lynn Sharman – Antiques & Collectables



Brian cab 1 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)    Brian cab 2 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)

Brian Burrows – Antiques & Vintage

Moorcroft, Whitefriars



Debra 1 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)

Costume by Debra – Handmade costumes and accessories