Cabinets (Arcade)

Below is more information about the occupiers of the cabinets in the Harleston Cornucopia Arcade.



100 0918 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade)

Mick Taylor – Antiques, Collectables & Jewellery

Dealing in Gentleman’s collectables, objects of interest and affordable silver and gemstone jewellery.


100 1393 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade) 100 1394 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade)

Elaine Taylor – Quality Jewellery

Trading for over 25yrs in quality, antique & second hand jewellery.  A wide range of prices to suit everyone’s purses.




Sue Cab 2 e1479818408981 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)    Sue Cab 1 e1479818388892 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)


Sue Preston – Costume Jewellery & Collectables

Affordable vintage jewellery and collectables. Interesting and unusual items for people who don’t just settle for the ordinary.


Lynn 1 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade)    Lynn 2 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade)

Lynn Sharman – Antiques & Collectables



Brian cab 1 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)    Brian cab 2 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)

Brian Burrows – Antiques & Vintage

Moorcroft, Whitefriars




Raymond 1 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)    Raymond 2 300x225 Cabinets (Arcade)

Raymond Foster – Needle Felted Sculptures

These charming Needle Felted Sculptures are original and unique pieces ‘Man-Made by Raymond’

Designed and hand crafted as gifts to be treasured and admired as a special keepsake.  Numerous hours are involved in the design and creation of each sculpture in order to attain the high level of detail and accuracy in each subject.

Should you wish to commission a sculpture of your own pet or an animal of your choice, then I can be contacted to discuss your request.  Please ask in Cornucopia for my business card.



Debra 1 225x300 Cabinets (Arcade)

Costume by Debra – Handmade costumes and accessories